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Largest Military Drill by US Commences in East Africa

Police in Mogadishu Detain Female Trader and Brother in Connection with Fatal Stabbing

Locals Report "Raging" Clashes in Ethiopian Region

God kusoo dumay Soomaali Qodeesay Dahab

EU Emphasizes Continued Support for Somalia's Sovereignty in Dialogue with President Mohamud

Arrival of Russian Grain Shipment Embraced by Zimbabwe

European Union Affirms Ongoing Support for Somalia's Independence in Dialogue with President Mohamud

Appointment of Police Spokesperson by Somali Police Chief

Woman who joined ISIS as a teen loses challenge against the removal of her UK citizenship

Arrests Made in Connection with Suspected Iranian Arms Transport; Two SEALs Lost in Intercept Mission

Turkey and Somalia Formalize Defense and Economic Partnership, Confirms Somali President

Amid Allegations of Frequency Jamming, Somaliland Asserts Airspace Sovereignty

Africa Union circumvents the discord between Ethiopia and Somalia

Somali President visits police HQ amid outcry over women's murders

Al-Shabab Fighters Eliminated in Airstrike in Lower Shabelle Region

Ethiopia's dangerous game in East Africa could spark conflict

Mogadishu Murder: Six Suspects Apprehended in Civil Aviation Worker's Death

Diplomatic Tension: Somalia Claims Ethiopia Tried to Prevent Its President's Attendance at AU Summit

Why Navalny was hated in the Kremlin and in some Western circles

US Set to Veto Algerian Proposal for Gaza Ceasefire Resolution at UN

Multiple al-Shabab Militants Killed in Central Somalia Airstrike

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